How to use Twitter for Business

How to use Twitter for Business

Are you using Twitter for business and have yet to see any return for your time spent on the platform?  Are you frustrated and unable to get people to interact with your tweets?

Read on my friend…

I ruined a Twitter business account once.  Yup, I did.  I used it to just vomit out information on this & that without thinking much about my clients or followers.

Don’t do that.  If you’re just broadcasting, like I did.  That’s probably what’s wrong with your Twitter business account.

Tweet: Business owners, if you’ve ruined a Twitter account like I did, it’s not too late.

So what should you do?  How do you get Twitter to work for your business?

Here are some steps toward recovering your Twitter for business account:

  • Think about what your audience wants to hear, but more than that – GIVE your audience value.  Go on and try to help people, give out some free information that has to do with your business expertise.
  • Go back through your followers by viewing your profile and click on “following”.  Click each profile and if they’re not active on Twitter or couldn’t be a potential client for you, then unfollow them.
  • If you discover people who could be a potential client for you, learn something about that person and say something to them!  Let me caveat that by saying that you shouldn’t be creepy.
  • Be present and consistent.  Think about Twitter like you’re at a networking event and get to know people.  Engage with them daily and give out useful content.
  • Use only two hashtags when you do broadcast.  Tweets with 2 hashtags get 21% more engagement and those with 3 or more hashtags drops engagement by 17%.

My hope is that after reading this post, you feel more comfortable knowing how to use your Twitter for business. If you have any suggestions to help people with business accounts on Twitter, please leave a comment below!

If you know anyone who needs help with learning how to use Twitter for business, please share this post with them, and let’s help each other thrive!

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