Are You Making These Costly Twitter Mistakes?

Twitter for business costly Twitter Mistakes

I was using Twitter search this morning and analyzing some profiles to help out a friend.  She’s a realtor, and I was going to see if I could show her how to easily find people looking for realtors in her area.

What I found instead was that a TON of people are making these costly twitter mistakes and aren’t maximizing profitability for their business.

If you’re not using twitter this way for your #business, you’re missing out on dollar dollar bills, ya’ll. (Tweet this.)

You don’t have a proper bio proper bio PROPER BIO!

If you don’t have a proper Twitter biography, people won’t know what you do or where to find you.  No one is going to care that much to stalk you and find out.  It should be front and center.

Important things to include in a proper bio:

  1. In one short sentence, say what you do succinctly and with personality. Don’t sound like a robot!
  2. Include where you are if you’re a service based business.
  3. Include either a website or a bitly link so that they can find out more about you.
  4. Use emoji that has to do with what you do.  It’s not just for teenager conversations anymore.  These characters get you attention and make you stand out.
  5. DO NOT use hashtags in your bio.  It’s a distraction and it doesn’t really help you. (But you should use them when tweeting!)

You aren’t utilizing Twitter search!  

Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. If you’re a service based business, you can type in: “can anyone recommend” ___________ (insert what you do here) or “does anyone know” _____________ (insert what you do here).  (By the way, the quotes are important so that Twitter searches that exact phrase.) Scroll through to see if you can help anyone in your area.  Ex: “can anyone recommend” a realtor
  3. If you have a product based business, you can type in: “anybody know” ________ (insert your product type). Ex: “anybody know” online dress comes up with people looking for good online dress shopping recommendations.
  4. You can also search to see if you can offer an expert opinion to help someone.  This increases your “know, like, and trust” factor and gains more followers.  Search: “does anyone know how to” __________ enter the SUBJECT, not a phrase.  Don’t get too specific here or you’ll come up empty. (Again, the quotes are important when searching so that Twitter searches that exact phrase.)  Ex:  “does anyone know how to” car (I would search this if I wanted to help people with their cars, say if I was a mechanic.)

You aren’t properly using hashtags!

Hashtags are not dead.  They help categorize your post and they get 2x more engagement when used properly.

Use only two hashtags on Twitter. AKA use hashtags with intention.  Ask yourself, could this hashtag mean something else entirely?  If so, use something more specific.

Keep in mind that Twitter posts using more than two hashtags brings engagement down by 17%.

You aren’t engaging with people, you’re just broadcasting.

This will ruin your twitter account.  I’ve done this, so I’d know!  Twitter is there to meet people.  Engage with and help as many as possible.  When people follow you, take the time to learn something about that person and reach out to them!


If these tips helped you, please leave a comment below and tell me how! Please share this post with a friend!  Let’s help each other thrive!

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