10 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs an Email List

10 Reasons why you need an email list

I’ve heard it before.  “I don’t want to write a newsletter.” ” No one will sign up for my newsletter.”  “I have nothing to say to my email list.”  “Email lists are stupid.” (Insert whiney voice here.)


I did the same whiney voice thing too…at first.


Turns out every business mentor that’s preached to me about email lists WAS RIGHT.

Tweet: #Entrepreneurs: the larger your email list, the more money you make!


Here’s are the reasons why every entrepreneur (yes, you!) should have an email list:

  1. It can drive traffic to your website
  2. It can bring you more clients
  3. It can bring you more referrals
  4. It gives you the opportunity for your clients to stay connected with you
  5. It lets you build the “know, like, and trust” factor
  6. It brings more engagement on social media
  7. If gives you the opportunity to get feedback on the content you’re creating
  8. It builds brand awareness
  9. It’s more intimate; it decreases “noise” by allowing people to focus on you and not be distracted like on social media platforms
  10. It gives you control over your “fans” and “followers” – If Facebook went away you’d still have access to everyone

Okay okay, so now you’re thinking “maybe I do need an email list”.  How do you get one, you ask?

Here’s how to get started collecting emails:

If you have WordPress, check out these options: AppSumo, Popupally, and Lead Pages.  If you don’t have WordPress, try googling pop-up options for your type of site or have someone code it for you.

Once you set up an opt-in on your site, you can connect them to an email list builder like Mail Chimp, Aweber, or Infusionsoft.

What should a newsletter look like?  

Well, in your newsletter that you send out consistently every _X_ number of days (<- Consistency is key!!), you can:

  • GIVE them something valuable like a checklist, a tip, a pdf booklet, etc
  • Share what’s going on in your business
  • Direct them to articles you’ve blogged about
  • Invite them to connect with you on social media

So WHY aren’t you collecting emails yet?!

Now, take action! GO GET ‘EM!

If this article helped you or if you have any tips to add on how to grow your email list, please leave a comment below.

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